Remnant Granite Material

Remnant granite is a small/medium piece of stone that has been cut from a larger slab. Often when we cut a countertop from a slab of granite, marble, or quartz, there are unused parts of the slab that become remnant pieces.

These remnants are then used for smaller projects, such as vanities, shower seats/ledges, fireplace surrounds, or furniture pieces. Remnants can be a great option when a homeowner wants to use natural or engineered stone in a unique and affordable way!

Selection will vary based on availability, so be sure to contact us today and inquire about what is available. Our experts can find the best fit so you can get the best deal. With remnant materials, small to large projects can be intelligently combined with remnant materials in order to save costs. So contact us or stop by and see what’s available before it’s gone!

Save 30% – 70%

Not only can you see what’s available at our location, you can also take a look at our suppliers as well. Find something you like and let us know!


Best Uses for Remnant Granite

Due to their often-smaller sizes, remnant granite is best used for smaller projects such as bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, small bar tops, small kitchen islands, coffee tabletops, thresholds, shower wall caps or any other custom projects.


granite remnant

Remnant Granite Costs

While remnants are smaller pieces, this does not necessarily make them “cheap” products. Since remnant sizes may be closer to the actual size of your small project, that means less waste is involved to produce your piece, thereby helping to reduce the price you pay for that marble, granite, or quartz.