Granite Countertop Design: Everything You Need To Know

Before you choose your edge, choose the thickness of your countertops: 20, 30 or 40 mm.

The use of 30mm countertops seems to be the trend in kitchens and 20mm in bathrooms. Back splashes are usually made from 20mm thick material. It is possible to go for a 20+20mm thick edge, thereby giving the impression of 40mm thick stone (a narrow strip of 20mm is glued on to the underside of the 20mm slab along the edge). It is also recommended that if you are having 40mm edge, a construction grade plywood sub-base is applied to give extra support to the 20mm slab. (Your choice might be compliable to the elevation of your cabinets).

We can produce a large choice of different edge profiles and specialty edges. Tell us which one meets your requirements when you send your drawings for a quote. Again, the rule of thumb is that back splashes only need a Flat Polish. The rest is up to you. We can produce your worktop / countertop with a choice of different edge profiles. 

With granite countertop design, “You dream it, we make it!”

Flat (eased) A-20

Bullnose E-20




F Bevel Apron

6-10mm Radius B-20

Roman Ogee 20



40 Ogee/Flat

F Waterfall Apron

6-10mm Bevel C-20




F Flat Apron

F Bullnose Apron

Waterfall D-20




F 6-10mm

F Ogee Apron

Specialty Edging

Double Bullnose

Ogee Bullnose

Round Bullnose

Double Ogee

Double Radius

Double Waterfall

Templating Your Granite Countertop Design

To enable us to template your granite worktops we strongly recommend the following:

  • Existing worktops must have been removed.
  • All base units must be fixed in their final position and must be perfectly level.
  • New appliances – sinks, cook tops, taps, etc must be available for the templater to check.
  • Please note cut out dimensions will not necessarily provide enough information for accurate positioning.
  • Heavy range cookers i.e. – Wolf or Viking must be fixed in their final position prior to templating. There can be no exceptions to this rule. All other range cookers will preferably be fitted in position. If this is not possible you must provide accurate overall width, height, and depth dimensions.

Any information not available to the templater at the time will in most cases delay the manufacturing of your new worktops. We will call you a day or two prior to templating to make sure everything is ready for us, and to confirm what time we will be with you (usually in the a.m.)

Your templater will provide you with all the information you may require about your worktops and also answer any questions you may have regarding installation and after care of your new worktop.

Renovations: Existing countertop removal and other repairs or modifications may require a certified (Tradesman, Carpenter, Electrician and Plumber). All requirements must be carried out prior to, during or directly after granite production or installation occurs.