Different Types of Granite Finishes

In any construction project where an architect wants to bring in richness and a deep sense of exquisiteness, granite comes as the foremost option. The beauty of granite is timeless and this is what makes it the most preferred material for a wide range of construction applications. Be it a residential project or a commercial one, the application of granite stone means high durability and low maintenance.

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Polished Granite Finishes

Polished is the most widely used and is the most resilient to stains. This gives the granite a smooth and even surface, making it less porous and therefore less susceptible to stains. 


Honed Granite Finishes

Honed gives the stone a matt finish, and black honed surfaces are often used instead of slate – granite being much more hardwearing. The honing process does make the stone more porous and it is therefore slightly more susceptible to superficial staining than a polished finish.

Leathered Granite Finishes

Leathering the stone involves flame texturing the surface or brush hammering it to produce a textured finish. This is a very tactile material and is suitable for use in the appropriate kitchens, bathrooms and hearths. Our suppliers always have a wide selection of this finish.

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