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There are plenty of reasons granite has become the preferred countertop material for today’s top designers and homeowners. To help you understand the many benefits of granite, we’ve outlined our “Top Ten” reasons below:

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Granite


  • It’s the only countertop solution that will increase the value of your home to prospective buyers.
  • Due to light reflecting off its natural crystals, granite has a unique personality not seen in other materials.
  • Granite is the second strongest stone in the world (next to diamonds).
  • Granite is scratch-resistant.
  • Granite is heat-resistant.
  • If properly sealed, granite is stain-resistant.
  • There are hundreds of color choices, one for every personality.
  • The polished finish of granite adds elegance to any room.
  • Granite can be finished with a myriad of different edging options, one for every style.
  • Granite can instantly transform a home into your own luxurious retreat.

Caring for Your Granite Countertop

Despite its reputation for toughness, stone can be stained, scratched, and chipped. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it’s repaireable and preventable! We can teach you everything we know to ensure your countertops stay looking beautiful.

Sealing Out Stains

The best way to improve stain resistance is to apply a penetrating sealer, also known as an impregnator. Unlike waxes or other coatings, these sealers go below the surfaes and protect the stone from within.

Acids and Alcohol

Marble and Limestone are susceptible to the aggressive action of acids and alcohol. Care should be taken to remove spillages of fruit juice (particularily lemon), wine, vinegar, beetroot, etc.

Repairing Chips and Scratches

Scratches and chips are best repaired in house by a professional refinisher with the proper tools and skills. Using special polyesters and epoxies, our experts can get it fixed. 

Stones Are Porous

All stones, due to their granular construction, are porous to a greater or lesser extent. Granite falls into the latter category. To reduce the already small likelihood of staining granite, we treat countertops with our specialty sealants. 

Hardwearing Stone

Granites differ in their texture but they all have similar properties such as their resistance to invasive action from most substances found in your home. Unlike marble and limestone, granite is the least affected by acids and alcohols. 

Different Granite Finishes

Granite can come in three different finishes; polished, honed, and antiqued. Browse our slection and find out what best suits your taste.

Granite Design Process

The process of designing your countertops involves choices surrounding edging, thickness, and materials. Take a look.

Granite Material Ideas

Granite is a beautiful natural material. Check out our granite selection to see some examples of what we have to offer.

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say About MTM Granite

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“I got my countertops done at MTM and was not sorry. They worked with my cabinetry supplier and I did not have to go very long without counters. Arlen explained the process and I got to pick my granite as a slab. Not with just a small sample! I do not think anyone has Arlen’s expertise in stone any where in southern Alberta!!
Thank you!!! I refer you all the time!”

Laura Reusser

“MTM Granite did a fantastic job in our house! We absolutely love the new countertop in our kitchen and bathrooms. Arlen was great to deal with and actually finished ahead of schedule. We highly recommend MTM to anyone that wants quality workmanship!”


“I had my kitchen redone a few years ago and went to another place 1st. They were ok, but way more expensive for the same exact counter material. But when I went here was treated awesome with great professional help. I wanted a black counter top and was told to reconsider as he had other clients that did and wished they hadn’t. I went and got the black and loved it. But he was right wish I had gone with another color or White. they know their stuff. HIGHLY Recommend.”

Cindy Chapman